The Board and Leadership Team meet on a monthly basis to discuss various issues relating to the club including:

  • Club development plan.
  • Promotion and PR (sponsorship, website).
  • Governance (health and safety, audit, safeguarding).
  • Finance (accounts, money in / out, authorisation).
  • Membership (subs, database, UKA registration).

If you have any questions relating to the club then feel free to talk to any of the Board members shown below.

Chair  – Irene Brown

Director – David Robinson

Club Secretary – Mel Farleigh

Membership – Mel Farleigh

Coach Development – Kevin Skinner

Athlete Development – Dawn Skinner

Volunteers Coordinator – Irene Brown

Website, Social Media and Sponsorship Coordinator – Rose Curtis

Social Events Coordinator – Rachel Coleman



The club’s policies can be accessed by using the links below;

Disciplinary & Grievance Policy

Equity Policy

Social Media Policy

Welfare Policy

H & S Policy