Exeter Harrier CoachCoaching is at the heart of any athletics club.  Our coaches are highly valued, skilled, knowledgeable, committed and offer a wealth of experience resulting in considerable successes for Harriers’ athletes and teams.

The coaches all work within the rules and regulations of UK Athletics as well as adhering to the Club’s code of conduct. Coaches usually coach events within an event group – Jumps, Endurance, Sprints and Throws – which enable coaches to focus on events and to build up their skill and knowledge base for the benefit of the athletes. There are some coaches who coach events across event groups, for example, combined events coaches.

Each event group has a Head Coach who is responsible for the coordination of the coaching and the support of coaches operating within their event group. The coaches meet regularly giving them an opportunity to exchange ideas as well as discussing the training needs of individual athletes.

The Head Coaches and the Head Coach for the junior athletes form a Coaching Committee. The Coaching Committee is responsible for the formulation of the coaching strategy within the club as well as resolving any issues that may arise. The club’s coaching policy is athlete centred and aims to provide the best possible coaching for the individual athletes in order that they can achieve their goals. The coaches work together in partnership and a coaching programme for an athlete may involve an input from a number of coaches.

George Eccles


Level 3 – Javelin, Discus, Shot




Brian O’Hare


Level 4 – Middle Distance
Level 2 – Throws, Speed, Jumps, Endurance


Kevin Skinner


Level 2 – Jumps



Rob Grew

Level 4 – 400m
Level 3 – Speed, Hurdles

Tom Childs

Level 3 – Middle Distance, Sprints

Tony White

Level 3 – Middle Distance

Dave Turnock

Level 2 – Throws

Phil Long

Level 2 – Sprints

Chip Gimbuta

Level 2 – Jumps

Maurice Ault

Level 2 – Endurance and Sprints

Neil Parsley

Level 2 – Jumps

Paul Rozier

Level 2 – Endurance

Godfrey Fry

Level 2 – Sprints, Hurdles

Glenn Walpole

Level 2 – Middle Distance

Les Curtis

Level 2 – Endurance

Sophie Skinner

Level 2 – Sprints

Owen Walpole

Level 2 – Sprints, Endurance

Matt Parsley

Level 2 – Sprints, Endurance

Beth Skinner

Club and Children’s Leader

Anna Rust

Level 1 – Assistant Coach

Emily Bliss

Level 1 – Assistant Coach

Lucy Smith

Level 1 – Assistant Coach

Rebecca Brown

Level 1 – Assistant Coach

Jean Thomas

Assistant Coach