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53 athletes compete at County Cross Country Championships

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Last weekend Exeter Harriers hosted the third fixture of the Westward Cross Country League which also incorporated the Devon County Cross Country Championships. This event also acted as a chance to qualify to run for the Devon team at the UK Inter Counties Cross Country in March. Upon arrival at the course athletes were greeted with typically cold wintery conditions, perfect for cross country.

53 athletes turned out for the club with several winners across the various age groups. Finley McLear won the county under 15 boys race (2nd in Westward League) and was ably backed up by his 3 team mates of Elliot Moran (4th), Owen Coldwell (6th) and Alexander Pinsky (10th) to also win the team title.

In the under 15 girls race Anna Downs won her first ever Westward League race in 15.23 which gave her 3rd position overall in the county which will be good enough to qualify for the nationals.

In the under 17 mens race the team packed in well to win the county title and first overall in the Westward League. Patrick Livingstone ran a solid race to finish 2nd in 16.00 with Jake Smith just behind in 16.40. Joe Chamberlain (9th), Matt Penney (10th) and Alfie Devine Wright (14th) completed a good team performance.

In the under 13 girls race, the team finished first in the county and Westward League competitions respectively. Eleanor Brandon finished in her highest ever position in 2nd place in the county with Jasmine Wellman just behind in 3rd. Runa Manby (6th), Katelyn Wells (10th) and Brooke Coldwell (12th) capped off the winning team.

Westward League – Exeter (incorporating Devon County Championships) results (please note County Championship positions are shown in brackets):

Senior Men: 4th Jake Waldron 29.01 (4th), 9th Ollie Berry 29.25, 12th Jack Bancroft 29.54, 25th Shaun Johnson 30.40 (5th U20), 28th Matt Dowell 31.05, 37th Howard Bailey 31.38 (20th), 41st Mark Smerdon 31.49 (23rd), 62nd James McClaren 33.20 (34th), 72nd James Haigh 33.45 (38th), 75th Adam Stobbs 34.11 (5th MV40), 87th Peter Chamberlain 35.32 (5th MV50), 138th Jim Zaple 39.52, 149th Alan Cattell 41.21. Team position 2nd (2nd)

Under 17 Men: 2nd Patrick Livingstone 16.00 (2nd), 3rd Jake Smith 16.04 (3rd), 10th Joe Chamberlain 17.07 (9th), 11th Matt Penney 17.26 (10th), 17th Alfie Devine Wright 18.34 (14th). Team position 1st (1st).

Under 15 Boys: 2nd Finley McLear 13.10 (1st), 5th Elliot Moran 13.40 (4th), 7th Owen Coldwell 13.44 (6th), 10th Alexander Pinsky 14.25 (11th). Team position 1st (1st).

Under 13 Boys: 5th Sam Pyne 10.23 (2nd), 7th William Penney 10.33 (5th).

Under 11 Boys: 3rd Tristan Rickford 6.04, 7th Samuel Mills 6.11, 9th Cameron Bryson 6.13, 15th Louis Chamberlain 6.42, 30th Owen Leyton 7.48, 32nd Leon Woodhead 7.51

Senior, Under 20 and Under 17 Women: 22nd Madeline Roche 19.22 (4th U17), 24th Clare Hodgson 19.24, 26th Zoe Kuyken 26th 19.32 (5th U17), 27th Katie Olding 19.36 (6th U17), 31st Florence Livingstone 19.51 (9th U17), 62nd Phoebe Killen 22.04 (14th U17). Team position 2nd Devon

Under 15 Girls: 1st Anna Downs 15.23 (3rd), 8th Lauren Coleman 16.32 (9th), 9th Josie Crosby 16.46 (10th), 11th Caitlin Apps 16.57 (12th), 17th Sophie Burden 17.40 (16th). Team position 2nd (2nd)

Under 13 Girls: 2nd Eleanor Brandon 10.54 (2nd), 3rd Jasmine Wellman 10.59 (3rd), 8th Runa Manby 11.22 (6th), 11th Katelyn Wells 11.43 (10th), 14th Brooke Coldwell 11.52 (12th). Team position 1st (1st).

Under 11 Girls: 5th Scarlett Livingstone 6.31, 6th Emily Adcock 6.40, 9th Isabella Peyton-Jones 7.28, 19th Izzy Thompson 8.32, 21st Ellie Lunn 8.52, 22nd Neve Thompson 8.53