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Arena Track Refurbishment

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There have been many rumours about the track refurbishment so for the latest news please see the text below, reproduced by kind permission of Mark Turner following his enquiry to Mr Steve Lyon.  Please note the date of the consultation evening should you wish to attend.

Dear Mr Turner

Thank you for your email in relation to the replacement of the Exeter Arena Athletics Track.

The current track was laid in 1992 and is a porous track, these tracks are designed for up to 15 years use and have a limited event capacity of around 40 events per annum. You are correct that some work was done to the track a few years ago but this was only respraying and is merely cosmetic in order to prolong the track’s life span. The difficulty with continually respraying a porous track is that it eventually clogs the pores and the porous does not work and tracks become liable to flooding.

Porous tracks are also only designed for around 40 events per annum, which in hindsight at the time was probably only envisaged that this track would host that number of events. But the reality is that the track is now hosting around 100 events per annum plus training sessions.

I am not sure where the story of the Mondo track started from but given it appeared on a previous letter from the Exeter Harriers I can only surmise that someone at the club originated the story. The plan is to lay a non-porous sandwich system track, the work is scheduled to commence in January 2014 with completion in June 2014,. The normal question to follow this is why that period as it eats into the season, but tracks are rubber, oil based products that can only be laid when the ambient air temperature is above 8 degrees.

We have organised a consultation evening for all interested parties on the 31 July 2013 at which we will outline in more detail the design and plans. But I hope this satisfies your concerns for now. It is regrettable that we have to close but the new track will provide a long term solution for Exeter of up to 25 years. I think it is more down to the hard work of the Arena Staff that maintains the facility that the track still looks good.

Best Wishes

Steve Lyon

Leisure Facilities Manager

Exeter City Council

Civic Centre

Paris Street




Civic Centre Office: (01392) 265339

Exeter Arena Office: (01392) 467270