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Nine young Exeter Harrier multi-eventers competed in the South West Schools Combined Events Championships at Yeovil on Saturday, all achieveing PBs during the course of the competition.

In the Junior Boys event Daniel Hamilton-Strong came 3rd with a new points PB of 2694, placing him 8th on the UKA age group national rankings. Leon Biaggi placed 16th, with the Devon team finishing 4th overall.

Junior Boys Pentathlon – Devon 4th                                                                     

3rd    Daniel Hamilton-Strong   80mHu 11.97 (PB)  Shot  12.19 (PB)  LJ  5.64  HJ 1.50  800m 2:18.90

Points Total  2694 (PB)

16th   Leon Biaggi                    80mHu 13.79 (PB) Shot 5.95   LJ  4.60   HJ 1.65  800m 3:20.38

 Points Total 1583


Katie Chapman and Megan Hamilton-Strong finished 1st and 2nd respectively in the Junior Girls competition with just 10 points separating them. This also places them 1st and 2nd on the national rankings. Their performances helped the Devon Junior Girls Team to 1st place.

Junior Girls Pentathlon – Devon 1st

1st      Katie Chapman                75mHu 11.27 Shot 11.78   LJ  5.32  HJ 1.65 (PB)  800m 3:04.59 (PB)

Points Total 3177 (PB)

2nd     Megan Hamilton-Strong   75mHu 11.97 (PB)  Shot 10.44 (PB)  LJ 4.63  HJ 1.59 (PB)  800m 2:25.82 (SB)

Points Total 3167 (PB)


Samidi Nanayakkara, new to the heptathlon, achieved PBs in 6 of her 7 disciplines. She finished in 14th place with the Devon Inter Girls Team placing 2nd.

Intermediate Girls Heptathlon – Devon 2nd                                                                                          

14th    Samidi Nanayakkara        80mHu 16.29 (PB)  HJ 1.26 (PB)   Shot 6.10 (PB) 200m 27.44 (PB)  LJ 4.04

JAV 13.58 (PB) 800m 2:35.09 (PB)

Points Total 2817 (PB)


In the Inter Boys competition Luke Cressey achieved 2nd place with a PB in every event. He is now 6th on the National rankings. Craig Moncur and Thomas Putt also achieved a flurry of PBs placing them 4th & 5th respectively as well as 8th & 11th on the national rankings. 3 athletes in the top 5 meant the Devon Team placed 1st.

Intermediate Boys Octathlon – Devon 1st


2nd     Luke Cressey         100Mhu 13.99 (PB)  HJ 1.89 (PB) Shot 11.57 (PB) 400m 53.62 (PB) LJ  5.89 (PB)

JAV 45.58 (PB)  Discus 29.29 (PB)  1500m 4:56.31 (PB)

Points Total 4859 (PB)

4th      Craig Moncur          100Mhu 15.53 (PB)   HJ 1.65   Shot 13.07 (PB)  400m 56.13 (PB)   LJ 5.67 (SB)

JAV 45.55 (PB)  Discus 39.30  1500m  4:56.67 (PB)

Points Total 4634 (PB)

5th      Thomas Putt           100Mhu 16.26 (SB)    HJ 1.68   Shot  11.25    400m 54.26 (SB)  LJ 5.74 (PB)

JAV  48.90   Discus 30.08 (PB)  1500m 4:58.85 (SB)

Points Total 4417 (PB)


In the Senior Girls Competition Olivia Dobson broke the 5000 points barrier, with a new PB of 5223, to win the competition and move her to 5th place on the UKA national rankings.

Senior Girls Heptathlon

1st        Olivia Dobson       100Mhu 15.32 (PB)   HJ 1.74    Shot 12.45  200m 26.40 (PB)   LJ 5.65 (PB)

JAV 38.96  800m 2:31.4  (PB)

Points Total 5223 (PB)

Full results here

The Final of the English Schools AA Combined Events takes places in Bedford on 15th & 16th September