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Our next monthly Open Meet is on 29th August.  Details of the programme can be found here

Notes on the event

1. Entry fee : £5.00 – for 3 events maximum.

2. Registration on night : 5.30pm onwards 3. Age groups : Ages as on 31st August 2017

4. 80m Hurdles : Notify track referee before 6.45pm if you want to compete or you will not be able to.

5. Open Events : U11 and U13 events will take place in age groups. Track events will be graded where possible.

6. Number of trials in Field Events: U13 & Below 3 Trials, U15 & Above 4 Trials

7. BMC races : Entry in advance only –  www.britishmilersclub.com/enteronline – deadline on Friday August 25th 5pm. Entry fee £3.00 for non-BMC members – in addition to open entry fee.

8. Volunteers: We welcome volunteers.  Please let the Registration Desk know if you can help,

9. Photography; This event is open to the public and therefore it is not possible to prevent photographs of any particular individual from appearing in the media. If this is a problem for you, you are advised not to take part in the event