On the Track:

  •  Look out for others on the track. Don’t get in the way of lanes being used for hurdles or relay practice.
  • Look both ways before moving across lanes.
  • If someone shouts ‘TRACK’ either move to the right, or move to the infield and let them pass you.
  • Don’t stop suddenly on the track.
  • Should an athlete running an effort/timed run find their way blocked by someone jogging/walking/standing on the inside lanes, they should shout ‘TRACK’ to get the offender to move out of the way immediately
  • Athletes should not shout ‘TRACK’ to other athletes doing an effort/timed run even if they are slower. The faster athlete should overtake safely before moving back into the inside lane.
  • Lanes 1 and 2 should not be used for warm-up or cool-down running, leave these lanes free for athletes running efforts and timed runs.
  • Athletes should run in an anti-clockwise direction at all times.
  • No spikes to be worn in the Grandstand or the Clubhouse.


Jumps Sessions:

  • Make sure you know what you are doing before you jump.
  • Wait for the coach to tell you to jump.
  • Make sure the runway and landing area is clear.


Throws Sessions: 

  • Make sure you know what you are doing before you throw.
  • Wait for the Coach to tell you to throw.
  • Make sure the area is clear before you throw.
  • Always walk, DO NOT RUN, to pick up equipment.
  • NEVER venture into a throwing area or retrieve throwing implements without the express consent of your coach.

UKA  Competition Rule Book 2018 – 2020

Details of the revised UKA Rules of Competition and frequently asked questions can be found on the UKA website.