The club runs friendly open competitions every last Tuesday of the month during the F&T season. As the events are run in the evening, with limited time, not all disciplines may be scheduled at each event, but rotated over the series.

All children over 8 years old are actively encouraged to compete: it does not matter what standard they are and help will be given by the officials so they know what to do.

As a guide the evening runs as follows;

  • Athletes should arrive by 5.30pm. Please check the competition timetable for the start time of a particular event. The younger age groups will finish at about 7.45pm.
  • An athlete can enter up to 3 events.
  • Entry fee is £5. Payment is made at the reception desk, as normal, and a ticket will be issued which should be taken to the registration desk in the clubhouse where you will be given a waterproof number which should be retained and reused for all EH Open Evening Competitions during the season.
  • This number should be attached to your vest with 4 pins at the front and 4 pins at the back.
  • Athletes should arrive at their event 5 minutes before the start time.
  • For running events, the marksman will allocate athletes to their heat.
  • For field events, athletes will have the opportunity for 1 or 2 warm-up throws/jumps.
  • Field TrialsU13 & Below 3 Trials, U15 & Above 4 Trials
  • Parents should stay for the evening to support and help their children get to their events on time.

NB U13s and above need to be affiliated to a club to compete, club vests are not required


Registration: If you are competing for the first time, this year, please email Name, DoB, Age Group and Club to before 8pm, the Sunday prior to the competition date, and then on the night please pay the £5 entry fee and pick up the number allocated to you OR enter on the night between 5.30pm and 7.15pm.

EXETER ARENA IS STILL CURRENTLY CLOSED.  Until such time as it re-opens we will be unable to host our planned open meetings.

March 31st  – CANCELLED

April 28th – CANCELLED

May 26th – CANCELLED

June 30th – CANCELLED

July 28th including BMC – CANCELLED

August 25th including BMC – CANCELLED

September 29th – CANCELLED

If you have a query on the timetabled track or field events please email


  1. For the BMC races, there is a separate pre-registration via the BMC website – see the timetable for details.
  2. Volunteers: We welcome volunteers to help the evening run smoothly. If you can help to support our qualified officials and would be willing to do tasks such as; raking a sandpit, pulling a tape through to measure a long-jump or adjusting the high jump bar please email  Thank you in anticipation
  3. Photography; This event is open to the public and therefore it is not possible to prevent photographs of any particular individual from appearing in the media. If this is a problem for you, you are advised not to take part in the event


GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) : Non-Exeter Harriers’ club members will be required to sign a data processing consent to enable us to store and pass information to The Power of 10. If an athlete is U17 or below parental consent will be required

Waterproof Numbers : Please retain your number, kindly Sponsored by MARKET CARPETS of Devon, which will be allocated for the season